HRK and the Book Behind the Wall is the first book in a seven-book series.
When a fire damages Windsor Castle, the Queen of England unexpectedly finds a book
behind a burnt-out wall. When she learns from the book that she must find a royal cat to
save her throne, she locates him in a towering castle full of little boys. Unfortunately, a
prince from another country has claimed the cat for his throne so the queen must convince
the boys that she has a legitimate claim to HRK.  But before the boys can decide if the
queen or the prince gets the cat, the ferocious Blue Fyre appears, igniting a royal
firestorm and setting the boys' castle on fire.

The 268-page fantasy chronicles the coming-of-age experiences of the ten-year-old boys
Scooter, Peter, and Nicholas, and the rest of the boys in the castle. When they meet the
Queen, forces beyond their control shatter the foundation of their idyllic world belief that
the nicest thing they can do for a fellow human being is to give them a freshly-baked
chocolate chip cookie.

HRK and the Book Behind the Wall has received an overwhelming positive response
from the public school system.

  • Principals, teachers, librarians, and especially kids love the story.

  • Librarians want the book in their school libraries.

  • Kids have designed HRK T-shirts, drawn pictures of HRK and Blue Fyre, and
    created fan-based Web sites for HRK.
Blue Fyre's dragon image
Blue Fyre's dragon image