I earned my BA degree from Wichita State University in Anthropology with minors in
Math and History. My first Master's Degree (ThM) is in Old Testament Exegesis and
Semitic Languages from Dallas Theological Seminary, while my second Master's
Degree (MBA) is from WSU's Barton School of Business.

People often ask me how I became a writer. When 19 Muslim terrorists attacked the
World Trade Center on 9-11, I received an unexpected layoff notice  from Boeing due
to the sudden downturn in the airline industry. A month after my layoff I wrote the first
draft of
HRK and the Book Behind the Wall in a nine-day burst of creativity, and
continued rewriting it until it was ready for publication. To promote my book, I
designed an internationally popular website that has had visitors from 153 countries
and territories. HRK is now available on Kindle and in a paperback version from

HRK started out as just one book but since then has blossomed into a full-blown
seven book series. It took me five years to plot it all out, and I'm now writing the
second book,
HRK and the Missing Starfish.

I currently substitute teach in elementary schools. I've subbed in 63 schools for 433
different teachers for over 16,000 kids. I love to teach!